Norway, Sweden

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A quick drive through North Western Europe
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Sweden. 66°30' North, going through the Polar Circle.
Sweden. Encountering a solitary male reindeer. In the summertime, its fur comes off in patches, and grows back in the fall, in preparation for a harsh winter.


Norway. On our way towards Sweden, 65th parallel North.
Norway. There were over 1000 of these wooden churches in the Middle Ages, but only about 30 are still standing today. Their Norwegian name "stavkirke" refers to churches whose structure rests on vertical logs as columns. Their roofs are covered with scale-looking wooden tiles and are decorated at angles with beautifully carved dragons underlined by Norwegian skies.
Norway. Typical fjord of Western Norway, east of Bergen. In the background, Vassfjora Peak, at 1600 meters. On the left, a 800 meter high plateau still covered with snow in early July. The clear slightly salted waters of the fjords are generously fed by melted snow, often through spectacular waterfalls several hundred meters high.
Norway. A good insulation system against dampness, here in southern Norway: this raised barn building rests on stone pillars.
Norway. By the end of June, at 900 meters altitude, these lakes are still frozen. Surrounded by mountains eroded by glaciers into round shapes, lakes are a staple of Norwegian Hardangervidda. It is the largest high plateau in Europe measuring 70 by 110 km with an average elevation of 1300 meters.
Here in the Nordics too, dogs have been men's best friends for the longest times, whether to play, herd, guard, or as a hunting companion. During the stone age, sacred red ochre powder was strewn in graves over the body of a beloved dog. This carving dates from the bronze age
(-1800 to 500 BC), just as many others on the Tanum site, representing drakkars, hunting scenes, couples embracing, and animals such as whales! Tanum, located in the south west of Sweden, is on the UNESCO list of world treasures.