Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria

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A quick drive through Eastern Europe
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Bulgaria. First on-site experience with the Cyrillic alphabet...


Romania. In the southwest of the country, a few fortified churches built by the Habsburg are still standing. In this intermediate area beween the German and Ottoman empires, there still remains nowadays a German-speaking minority.
Romania. Sighisoara, climbing the citadel of this medieval city mentioned on the Unesco Heritage List.
Romania, Sighisoara. The local legend has it that in the citadel quarter, a so called Count Dracul lived in the 15th century...
Rural northern Romania.
Romania. In the northwest of the Carpathian mountains, in a region called Maramures, the local tradition of wood carving applied to farm and house gates is still vivid today.
Romania. Rural landscape in the northwestern part of the country.


Hungary. Sarospatak, a peaceful town famous for fluids - its bath waters and Tokay wine.
Hungary. Sarospatak.


Poland. The fervent religious feeling of the Poles is obvious in the numerous churches as well as in their impressive size, whether Catholic or Orthodox, as here in Byalistok.