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Syria, Bosra. Walking back from a trip to the bakery on main street, the Roman decumanus still in use nowadays. Bosra has the unique charm of an archeological site still lived in nowadays.
Syria, Damascus. Night falling on the city, with its market and mosques.
Syria, Damascus. Christmas lights in the Christian district, that families come to admire at night, Christians and Muslims alike. Indeed, various religious denominations live here in peaceful harmony and complementing one another: Muslims come and shop in Christian districts on Fridays, a courtesy returned to Christians on Sundays, when their own shops are closed...
Central Syria, Harbaqa. Only a 4WD will get you to this 20 meter high dam built in the 1st century by... the Romans!
Central Syria, Palmyra. The temple of Bêl, located on the southern side of Palmyra, the fantastic city of Queen Zenobia.
Central Syria. Standing alone in the middle of an open steppe, the ruins of qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi as built by the Omeyyads in the 8th century.
North-western Syria. The sun shining on the gypsum stones of Sergiopolis gives a fantastic touch to this gigantic site. Its system of water cisterns is as big as that of the Topkapi palace in Istanbul!
Syria. An overview of Aleppo, pistachio city, taken from its citadel, which successfully resisted all attacks launched against it.