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Karijini, Carnavon, some reptiles, Kalbarri, Geraldton, city of Perth, Denmark, Albany, Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Esperance.
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Western Australia. Heading north, a "road-train" is making its way. In Paynes Find, equipment from some abandoned gold mine is slowly rusting away, a few hundred meters from the "roadhouse" whose old fuel pump could be another collector's delight.
Western Australia. Here, a farm is called a "station" and the house on it, a "homestead". Its flat roof and windmill emerging from the bush make for a typical Australian sight.
Western Australia. An outcrop occasionally breaks the monotony of the flat bush expanse.
Western Australia. North of the Tropic of Capricorn, vegetation becomes even more open. Here, in Karijini National Park, aridity during the dry season is extreme.
Western Australia. In Karijini, where the plateau has been carved, water occasionally resurfaces in the form of pools, a cool haven most welcomed by the parched traveler!
Western Australia. 60 km inland, south of Cape Lambert, these pelicans seem to prefer lake Poongkaliyarra to the open sea.
Western Australia. On the track connecting Peedamulla to Onslow, numerous red domes stand out in the bush, suggesting that termites have found a more than suitable habitat here.
Western Australia, Cape Range. This National Park located west of Exmouth teams with wildlife. At dusk, one might wonder which family came here to watch the other...
Western Australia. Near Yardee Creek, encounter with an emu and further south, with a very rare specie of "wild turkey" according to locals in Ningaloo.
Western Australia. Here, a fishing eagle has quietly perched on a road-sign in Ningaloo, in stark contrast to the noisy cockatoos which enthusiastically make sure that the visitor will watch the sun rise on Mount Augustus!
Western Australia. Following traces left on sandy tracks into the bush we encountered a 1,50 meter long "goanna" in Ningaloo and a 25 cm long "thorny devil" in Kalbarri National Park.
Western Australia. With a population of 6 800, Carnavon is the main city of the Pilbara region. It ships its bountiful fruit and vegetables throughout the northern half of the state and down to Perth.
Western Australia. Like almost all rivers in the state, the Gascoyne River is dry, except when it rains! Yet water runs off through sand and gravel under the Gascoyne River bed, reappearing occasionally in the form of "pools" which are visited by an abundant fauna at sunrise and sunset.
Western Australia. In a few seconds, the sun will emerge above the horizon and shed its warm light on the sandstone formations of Kennedy Range.
Western Australia. The famous monolith of Uluru is only second in size to Mount Augustus. We were extremely fortunate to discover it lit up by a rainbow after a shower, a rather unexpected event during the dry season.
Western Australia. This little lizard is as fast-moving and wary of danger as its southern cousin the bobtail is slow and trustful.
Western Australia. Thumbs up for these six hundred million year old "ancestors", the very first life form and oxygen creators on this planet. There are only a few colonies left of these precious bacteria called "stromatolites" which were discovered in the 1960s.
Western Australia. The Murchison River flows from the "Goldfields" to the plateau, carving its way through the red gorges of Kalbarri National Park.
Western Australia. Stretching to the west, the red sandstone of Kalbarri meets the Indian Ocean...
...while further to the south, surface under-layers of limestone.
Western Australia. Inland near Horrocks, the bush has been turned into fields.
Western Australia. Geraldton is the main city of Greenough county, a coastal area of 13 000 people. It is renowned as a surf spot for its constant wind and waves but is also a delight for Art Deco lovers.
Western Australia. Beyond Geraldton, the coastal plain is also swept by strong, unrelenting winds!
Western Australia. In a perimeter of just a few square kilometers, Nambung National Park with its sandstone pinnacles is a geology buff's delight. Sunrise and sunset will certainly be any photography fan's best moments to visit the Pinnacles. Meanwhile, the enthusiastic botanist will find in nearby Badjingarra National Park, an array of plants and flowers among a forest of grass-trees.
Western Australia. Perth's quite compact downtown area is surrounded by an ever-expanding landscape of residential suburbs.
Western Australia, Perth. Charming villas are nestled under blooming jacaranda trees or palm trees.
Western Australia, Perth. Walking down Hay Street, the visitor's eyes travel from the modern towers... the historical buildings of the capital city, such as "His Majesty's Theatre", dating from the 19th century.
Western Australia, Fremantle. Many Europeans fall for this vibrant town and its interesting architecture. This hotel and its wrought-iron balconies remind the visitor of New Orleans although other stone façades are typical of the Art Deco period.
Western Australia. Inland further to the east, rain is patiently awaited by locals hoping a good rainfall will soon fill the station's water tanks.
Western Australia. Near Denmark, the well-named Cosy Corner Bay is indeed sheltered from the south-west winds but its name could have also advertised its turquoise-colored waters.
Western Australia, Albany. One of the two major southern cities of the state, Albany is a pretty town boasting a number of turn of the century buildings. But what makes a visit to Albany even more special is its particularly kind and welcoming population!
Western Australia. Waychinicup National Park's pink granite has been polished by the waves. In Cheyenne Bay, water seems to hesitate between hues of blue and green.
Western Australia, Point Charles. In Fitzgerald National Park, a one hour drive on a rather rough track will take the visitor to this rewardingly secluded site.
Western Australia, Hyden. A giant motion of still granite, Wave Rock is a geological curiosity and the largest of its kind in the world.
Western Australia. A typical landscape along southern roads, here between Hyden and Ravensthorpe.
Western Australia, Coolgardie. A town born of the gold rush, its main street lines up several attractive turn-of-the-century buildings, such as the well-named Marvel Hotel.
Western Australia, Kalgoorlie. Since 1893 gold, and more recently nickel have brought wealth to this southern town. Its main street boasts an array of Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings.
Western Australia. Kalgoorlie is also famous for its "Super Pit", the world largest open-air gold mine which is more than 500 meters deep!
Western Australia, Esperance. Tucked away between gray gratine, blue sky, white sand and turquoise sea, Esperance is the last urban stop for those about to cross the Nullarbor: a 1 200 km long plain the Latin name of which accurately describes a vast treeless expanse. The border with the state of South Australia is quite a long way away!