USA - California

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A few km south of the Oregon-California border, Lava Beds National Monument hides underground lava tubes big enough to shelter our truck!
By November, passes in Northern California are already snowy, such as Gold Lake, Highway 24, not to mention the area around Lake Tahoe.
Linus happily winching on Holister muddy slopes, South of Santa Cruz. I could not resist test driving his cute, impressive and well-equipped beige Volvo 330.
Here is another off-road challenge in California, Surf N Turf: Sand Chef Competition. In the middle of nowhere, you will have... "90 minutes to come up with two savory dishes and a dessert all based on the same secret ingredient. The secret ingredient will be revealed the previous night, to give teams enough time to get their ingredients and recipes ready for the evening's showdown. Each entry will be judged in 3 categories: Taste, Presentation, & Originality..."
Alvaro has impressed us, not only as the creator of this event, but also with his own exceptional talent... Check his beet root ravioli recipe in our section World Tour of Kitchens.
And if you like the idea of bush cooking, here is our Australian experience: Rover's Bush Restaurant.
South of Big Sur, this track down Los Padres National Forest Sierra offers a beautiful view of the Pacific Coast.
First time we met Rupert and his Defender was in Western Australia, three years earlier. Posing here in Chico by our then stripped-down Canter Cristobal, soon to be improved thanks to the talent of Steel Surgeon and Master Welder Chris. A great cross-borders family indeed!
Where else would one find this desert landscape? A unique signature gives you the only possible answer: Joshua Tree National Monument.