USA - Colorado

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From the southwest corner of Colorado, once on top of the plateau and way beyond the town of Fairplay, one can see the snowy Rockies, the first and foremost icon of Colorado.
Other less renowned icons of Colorado are the remnants of the ancient Prairie, protected here in the Pawnee Grassland National Monument.
We were lucky to spot this antelope only a few hundred meters from the track.
Another piece of luck: a brief shower at sunset over a thicket well hidden in a ripple of grassy land... Not to forget the most important: the company of other fellow-travellers, somewhere, under the rainbow...
Roger, an Australian expedition leader shared with us during a trip in Tasmania: "A good camp has good water, good fire (wood available) and good company. The first two items are optional." We had the three of them... all we needed was to get the fire started...
...which finally happened. Our laughter kept the rabbits and antelopes awake late into the beautiful night
On the western border of Colorado, in Dinosaur National Monument, rivers have carved the layers of rocks which host some famous fossils...
One of these, the Yampa River, was a watering point for ancient settlers who carved petroglyphs on the cliffs. The more recent ones came with their wagons.
Last kilometers of tracks in Colorado, west of Dinosaur National Monument, en route to Utah, visible on the horizon.