Jordan, Saudi, Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman

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Jordan. Bivvying in the jebel, on the eastern side of Wadi Araba with Alistair's new friend "Grenouille", or "Frog". No, Manu and Bernie are not French, but their 110 Td5 is green!
Jordan. Near Aqaba, the Wadi Rum desert borders with Saudi Arabia. There are only a few mountainous passes such as this one which might require some crossing skills.
Jordan, Wadi Rum desert. Yellow sand here is usually stable...
Jordan, Wadi Rum desert. Leading to these sandstone formations, areas of pink sand can sometimes prove treacherously unstable, even in the cool of morning. It seems that the changing winds weave a landscape of intertwined sand terrain.
Jordan, Wadi Rum desert. This desert offers varied landscapes, from stone in its central part...
Jordan, Wadi Rum desert... to soft dunes on its Eastern side.
Jordan, Wadi Rum desert. Further east, the landscape opens into a vast plateau inviting exploration.
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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia. No problem getting down to this beach but a lot harder to leave it, going up a fairly steep embankment covered with sand!
Saudi Arabia. Last moments of sunlight on a comfortable bivvy spot surrounded by sun- warmed sandstone.
Saudi Arabia. Reaching the back side of Mada In Saleh tombs, in the north-west of the country, requires passing through some fairly soft sand.
Saudi Arabia. Finding a few square meters of fairly flat ground in the north-western mountains was no easy task.
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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates. Stuck! Up to a dune ridge, looking onto a very steep slope. We may have been a bit too careful here, but that's fine by us. With a good shovel and a few kilos of sand displaced, our front wheels are back on track... or rather on sand.
United Arab Emirates. We are so proud that Alistair managed all the way to "Fossil Rock Pass" with its 2.5 litre diesel engine, its narrow tires 7.50x16 and in spite of its weight of 3.2 tons... While the other vehicles encountered here have 3.7 to 4.8 litre petrol engines and large tires, their only load being an icebox full of soft drinks!
United Arab Emirates. Camping on the Arab-Persian Gulf coast with "Sirocco", a splendid series III ambulance owned by Thierry and Dalila. The 110 in the background will be given a name once its equipment is completed by Vincent...
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Sultanate of Oman

Sultanate of Oman, Fins. At such spots on the shore of the Indian Ocean, the cliff ends abruptly three meters above the ocean. We decided to continue... on foot.
Sultanate of Oman, Nizwa. We had better luck in this street than in the one we tried previously, whose width was a mere two centimeters short!
Sultanate of Oman, Ras Al Hadd. It was quite difficult to find our way through this very technical terrain, but the fish for dinner was worth it, don't you think ?
Sultanate of Oman, Sur. On first low gear and difflock up this fairly steep slope. From up top, what a gorgeous view over Al Aijah!
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