USA - Montana-Idaho

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South of Flathead Lake near Charlo, we started getting a few hints as to why Montana is called "Big Sky Country".
Tucked in the Mission Valley on the Flathead Indian Reservation, the National Bison Range is home to a herd of nearly 500 bison which peacefully graze on the yellow grass covering its scenic hills.
Red barns, a popular feature in the area around Moeise, reminded us of those we had seen in Nordic Europe with reason: we found out that this architectural style had indeed been introduced by immigrants from Sweden.
A typical Mission Valley landscape where the bright blue water of the Flathead River runs through it.
The ever changing skies of Montana will turn the most simple countryside features into spectacular scenery. Here, an old wooden barn and its metal grain store near Ronan.


White Bird provides the only bridge over the Salmon River allowing access to Hell's Canyon when coming from the east. Nearby, a site commemorates a famous battle which took place in 1877 between the Nez Perce Indian tribe and the US Army .
In the mid-afternoon bright sunlight, we mistook this young couple for kids waiting for a school bus -- quite unlikely at this time of day...
Sunrise beginning its morning show at Hell's Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America measuring 2650 meters. Confined between its towering basalt cliffs, Pittsburg Landing is a starting point for popular expeditions down the Snake River, a trend initiated long ago by Lewis and Clark...
Down this valley runs the Salmon River, pictured in the famous movie starring Robert Mitchum in which Marilyn Monroe sang "The River of No Return".
South of Hell's Canyon, the Snake River feeds the Brownlee and Oxbow Dams, right on the border between Idaho and Oregon.