South Australia and Tasmania

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Crossing the Nullarbor Plain from Western Australia to South Australia and the island of Tasmania

South Australia

South Australia. The Nullarbor plain stretching for 1200 km between the states of Western and South Australia, is lined with road signs which are quite exotic for a European visitor: camel, emu, wombat and of course, kangaroo!
South Australia. During the 1200 km-long Nullarbor Plain crossing, the longest straight line stretches for 146 kilomètres! You said "Nullarboring"?
South Australia. A fine outing on the coast south of Mount Gambier for which we had the pleasure of being guided by Ruslan in his Defender.
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Australia, in north-east Tasmania. A sandy track leads to Waterhouse Point. Further in the background, Cape Portland, is another 4WD only destination.
Australia, Tasmania. Joining a fine team from New South Wales to discover Tasmania together with our 4WDs. Giving us the opportunity to tag along for 3 weeks was a great experience, complete with authentic Australian "bush camping" and wonderful new friends.
Australia, Tasmania. 25 kilometers of beach driving ahead of us to reach Sandy Cape, on the north-west of the island. The first cove, Hazard Bay, derives its name from the quicksands which appear after the rain, when water starts its course on the moor and ends up under the sand. On average, one vehicle per year is sunk and lost forever! As a general rule, quicksands tend to be of a slightly darker shade, due to tannins oozing out of vegetation. In case of need to act quickly, we had recovery straps already tied to the car recovery point and secured with bungee on the spare wheel.
Australia, Tasmania. A good start on the Balfour Track. In the deepest bog-holes, water came up only above our headlights. And the bottom of it is all rocks...
Australia, Tasmania. In the vicinity of the Balfour track, one can easily be caught unawares. Recovery straps had not been needed in the sand but were here put to good use in the mud after all!
Australia, Tasmania. The black marks not yet dried on Alistair's sides come from the bog-holes on the Balfour track. This photo is a fun souvenir of the westernmost track we took in Tasmania.
Australia, Tasmania. On the west coast of Tasmania, crossing the Pieman River with the cable-operated ferry. Alistair's roof is always a good observation platform!
Australia, Tasmania. On the tracks of Pieman River State Reserve, north of Granville Harbour to find the mythical spot of "Conical Rocks".
Australia, Tasmania. "Conical Rocks" giant boulders have been polished by the rain and winds coming from Antarctica while at their feet, rough waters would make for a quite dangerous approach by sea. To reach this place you need a 4WD... or a helicopter!
Australia, Tasmania. Built through the mountains by some forgotten mining company, this railroad track is now just a narrow, muddy trail through a temperate rain forest. It leads to "Montezuma Falls", which share their name with the local mine and are one of the highest in Tasmania.
Australia, Tasmania. High above Lake Burbury, under fantastic Tasmanian skies, heading towards the very remote Bird River.
Australia, Tasmania. North of Lake Pedder, the track beyond the ghost gold-mines of Adamsfield is quite broken up!
Australia, Tasmania. On the shores of Lake Pedder. Severe variations in water levels affected by the dam and current droughts and combined with forest fires have created this desolate landscape which looks even gloomier under stormy skies.
Australia, Tasmania. Roger, our group leader often says that "the secret to a fun camping experience is good water, good fire, good company, yet the two first ones are optional". At Bronte Lagoon, we had good water and wood... on top of the essential.
Australia, Tasmania. We learned a few good tricks about bush cooking on wood-fire with traditional Australian camp ovens. To reciprocate, we cooked for dessert some French crêpes for our friends: thin pancakes stuffed with sliced and caramelized apples flambéed with cognac. An unexpected visitor was watching too! Utensils and cookware were borrowed from Roger who organises a yearly black-tie dinner in the bush, called Rover's Bush Restaurant !
Australia, Tasmania. Between Lake Gordon and Lake Pedder, one last "family photo" before splitting from the group.
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