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Seen from Coyote Butte these fantastic sandstone formations, eroded by the wind, are located just a few kilometers north of the border with Arizona, on the western side of the Paria Plateau.
Cottonwood Road starts by crossing cliffs and mesas called The Rimrocks and then proceeds along the Cottonwood Canyon on the western slopes of The Cockscomb.
Cutting through these amazing red and white layers, we keep heading full north on the Cottonwood "Road", actually a track impassable when wet.
The orange layers seen in the background are Brice Canyon cliffs and pinnacles. Far before, we will be heading east, aiming at the Burr Trail.
No wonder the area starting here is called Kodachrome Basin, in reference to a famous 24x36 slide film. Soon we will reach Cannonville after 75 km and two days of cautiously slow driving.
East of Boulder, Long Canyon Overlook located on Burr Trail, cuts through Circle Cliffs and these spectacular rock formations.
Burr Trail ends with a series of famous "iffy" switchbacks: a 300 meter drop in less than 2 km of track.
Above Nottom Road and the dry plain it crosses, snow strips still cover Mount Pennell and Mount Hellen in late May.
In the middle of this harsh, desertic land, Lake Powell blue waters seem like a mirage. Created in the Sixties when the Colorado River was dammed near Page, it hosts the Bullfrog Marina, which is the white strip visible on the northern end of the lake.
Between the foreground and the cliff, lies the bed of Bullfrog Creek which gave its name to the nearby marina.
We entered Glen Canyon north of Hite Crossing, leaving highway 95 behind us. Looks like we are back on tracks... Yeaaahhh!
A few hundred meters off NPS633 Road, Bowdie Canyon offers a spectacular view from this quite windy bivvy spot.
In Glen Canyon, driving along Doll House Track, we met a joyful group of hikers...
...led by Phill and his own design expedition vehicle which can comfortably host up to six people.
The Doll House Track offers interesting crossing challenges. To a lesser extent, so does this track leading to The Maze.
NPS633 heads north and becomes Flint Trail, a very steep ascent along a high cliff. Our short turning radius came really handy. Reaching the cliff top came as a relief for a nervous passenger. Behind us, a sign warns "High clearance 4WD required beyond this point".
Little Flat Top on Hans Flat is our last off-road landmark before the asphalt leading to the town of Green River.
Spectacular arches viewing can be combined with more pragmatic maintenance activities...
Leaving Colorado we came back to Utah on a northern Utah route through Wasatch Plateau. Near Lower Gooseberry Reservoir, at Mammoth guard station, we met some very helpful young cowboys...
...without whom we would never have found Chicken Creek "Road" in Uinta National Forest. Here, elevation provides coolness, moisture and creates intense colours.
On our way to nearby Nevada, just before Skull Rock Pass, we enjoyed the rocky tracks around Notch Peak. Yet we resisted the temptation of driving into the bottom of "dry" Lake Sevier: under its crust, treacherous mud will trap overlanders.