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Off roading in Tasmania with your beloved Landy ? Need help to get your nuts and bolts tightened up ? Want to change the engine ? Excellent expertise, reliable and honest service at Justin's shop in Kingston. Lots of fun, too. And if you want to know more about Justin's sense of humour, click on his logo !
Kingston, Tasmania.
GPS S 42°58.228' E147°18.883'
Phone (03) 6229 1102
mob 0408 995 635
State Tyre Sales have treated Alistair with six new black socks known for their off-road capabilities and durability. They are manufactured by Taiwan based NANKANG. These Wide Conqueror N830 OW LT M+S radial tyres have 7 plies. Sidewall: 2 polyester. Tread: 2 polyester, 2 steel, 1 nylon. They can't wait to hit their first playground, Tasmania!
For all our Land Rover parts and high-quality after market accessories, Rovacraft are the people we turn to: they have a reliable nationwide coverage and can get parts to us in any town in Australia in 24 to 48 hours. They have been around since 1991 so they know a thing or two about Land Rovers! They even provide parts for off-road racing for Land Rovers. They are a friendly and helpful team who fancy themselves as good looking too...
Isn't it too late when you realize you're out of coolant? We found ENGINE SAVER WATER ALARM a good way to protect our engine and... our peace of mind, especially during long distance trips in the desert! Just wondering when they will release a beer/wine alarm system?
Blind Chicken, never a good feeling during those dark hours of night time driving until the rooster crows... We chose NARVA spotlights to provide us with a second set of hi-tech eyes!
For your eyes only, 4wdTV keeps you and us updated and fed with off-road sweet dreams...
Alistair is our baby. For his 60,000 km birthday service party, we trust RICHMOND AUTOMOTIVE, in Melbourne!
Birthday invitation design and printing by DIGITAL ADS as well as kookynet appreciation surprise certificates!
Upon its arrival in Perth, Alistair will be fitted with its latest quality equipment by its favorite 4wd Australian tailor, DISCOVERY AUTO.
Carrolls specialises in supension solutions. We will benefit from their expertise when we get to visit them in Brisbane, Queensland. By that time, Alistair will have about 50 000 km and will need their technical team to perform a thorough checkup of its suspension, especially after quite some time spent on and off Australian tracks.


Rosalind at AFS for helping with media exposure through AFS communication with the press. We will do our best to put our project in the service of the AFS mission. AFS is a non-profit organisation promoting foreign student exchange programs around the world.
Thanks to LRO Australia, we were able, even before arriving in this country, to make many friends who generously gave us advice, tips, support and so much more. Courtesy of Ralph, Alistair now proudly boasts the beautiful logo of this great club.
Many many thanks to this wonderful club whose members went out of their way for us, taking Robert for a ride, organizing this and that for us, etc. Thank you to Stuart and Rachel, Chandra and Bryan, Chris, Brad for taking such good care of us. Our special thanks go to our gracious hosts Ralph and Anita Laplanche for making us feel like family.

This bookstore in Fremantle is an excellent bridge between French-speaking countries and Australia, offering a very good selection of books, games etc. in French and in English. Thanks to them, we can now speak Australian English!
We would like to warmly thank all the people above.
Our hearts go out especially to our two angels made in Australia:
- Chris for generating so much enthusiasm and good will around our project, for coordinating with sponsors, media and LRO members with relentless energy and efficiency. And thanks also for his generosity in letting us borrow a UHF radio to ensure our safety while in the outback.
- Simon from 4wdTV for putting his vast network at our service and actively working for us on sponsorship.
We would also like to thank all the people from forum who kindly provided tips, advice and suggestions to make our visit safer and more interesting. Their response to our project and offers to meet for off-road fun and cameraderie has been a real inspiration during our preparation for this Australian part of our trip. Such great guys! In this department, we extend our thanks beyond the LR family to those on the forum who showed support as well...
Heartfelt thanks go to Ed from Perth who offered his kind hospitality to Robert as well as transportation and good - not to say much needed - advice re administrative matters during the two weeks required to get Alistair out of his container !
Thanks to Mark and Cathy for their hospitality, lovely dinners and drinks. Merci for your help in buying a cast iron pot for Australian camping and for getting it started for us. We also loved our visit to the market!